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1 Bedroom House Description

Available June or July 1st Please be so kind as to read this ad carefully is for a mature skilled handyman/Caretaker. For preferable 6 months or more) Master bedroom for a psupervisor/caretaker; Preferably with Handyman skills for which we hourly pay in hourly...supervisory and Caretaker work reflected in rent reduction. Must work from home or be retired or semi-retired but still active, or only work part-time during the day. Not looking for someone who has a full time job pls.We're looking for someone to watch over UBC male students who are quiet, busy, focused on their studies , Tasks required take out garbage daily and supervise chores, restock supplies etc. Due to obligations to my family and business, I can only be there part-time atm but am in town. The Master bedroom is very spacious, nicely decorated, and comes with a firm chiropractic king bed, a walk-in closet, and an has a 3 piece ensuite bathroom. Rent reduced from $1350 to $600* + $30 supply fee utilities for keeping an eye on the house and renters.The Master is rented fully furnished. The bedroom includes chest of drawers, a desk, a chair, 4 lamps, a TV with cable, and wireless internet. A deposit is required but depending on your hours and skill set, you may barter for part or all your rent or more. We need a mature handy person to assist with arranging a garage and building storage, building a garden area with landscape ties. It would be ideal if they had some painting, light plumbing, wiring, and carpentry skills since we intend to build a deck in the spring, *(but that is not a deal breaker). Must be able to send pictures, communicate using the WhatsApp app, and text the renters often with notifications and reminders. Must be composed, amiable, respectful, and communicative. The Caretaker will help supervise domestic chores, keep the Owner up to date with house issues ,ensure that roommates clean up after themselves, conduct showings and inspections on move in and move out remove daily garbage and recycling, and other related duties. There are many parks, restaurants, libraries, and stores close by. Vehicle is preferred for this position. A half-deposit month's and good references are both required. Must not have with criminal record or alcohol or drug issues as you are supervising students. One person only. No pets permitted at this time. Not a party house, quiet renters. Please respond with you qualifications. Thanks.